With Instagram Basic and Minimal Layouts, we automate the photo collection step, that means we will auto create the first volume then for the subsequent volumes, all you need to do is to click on the add "+" button to create new volume for the next 60 photos. But do not worry although we automatically collect those photos and auto create the volume for you, it does not stop you to make as much as manual changes you like. Also, if your volume is still incomplete with less than 60 photos, that's cool - just sit back and relax, we will monitor your Instagram account(s) and will let you know once the volume is completed with 60 photos.

On the other hand, with Instagram Creative and Collection Artisan Layouts, we let you to even have more control by carefully pick and choose manually what photos to be added to the photobook. 

PS: multiple volumes within one single photobook concept is only for Instagram Basic and Minimal Layouts

Chaterpress Photobook Volume